October 10, 2015

Do You Know The Different Ways Of Writing An Essay?

A lot of school going children as well as college goers struggle with the composition of a profound essay, which could fetch them good score in their semesters. Though, this is not a very difficult task to accomplish, but it may not be an easy one too. The reason is that most of the students as well as adults who have to prepare an essay for any product or service, for their professional presentation; do not know how to start, where to end. A look at qualitywriters.org would give a good idea on how the essays are written by amateurs as well as professional writers.

Let’s go further into the depths of the art of essay writing

The art of essay writing is something that anyone can get a good grasp over, without much difficulty; provided he practices the right style of writing or improves his own style. Usually, there are couple of fundamental rules to the essay writing, which everyone follows; even the professional essay writers.

  1. Selection of the subject
    This is a primary requisite for a good essay to be composed. Without a subject an essay could never be composed at all. Hence, one must first decide on the subject or the main theme of his essay prior to starting the writing. One can find all the required material over the internet for any subject he may want to write on. However, if it’s a self explored matter, then it’s best to get some reliable evidence and witnesses to support the statements and facts made in the essay.
  2. Structuring the entire essay
    This is the format of the style in which one wishes to compose his essay. Usually, there are five points of an essay that are divided into five different paragraphs. First is the introduction, then the primary aspect of the subject, after which comes secondary and minor aspects and finally the conclusion. Thus, a framework is very necessary for the convenient read of the composed essay.
  3. Content and word count
    The analysis of the research must be written in an easy to read vocabulary, while the word count shall be kept in mind. If the target audience is mature than the vocabulary could be a bit complex, while the word count can be increased. However, in an opposite scenario, where the reader may be children or young adults, the vocabulary could be simplified and word count to be kept at it’s a maximum of 500 words to 600 words.

Overall, with regular writing one could get a good hold over his own writing skills and his essays will be simpler yet to the point.

Author Bio: Farrah John Abraham is a Judo trainer who is also an English teacher. In her free time she likes to contribute to various literature websites as well as her favorite qualitywriters.org.

What Should You Consider When Hiring A Company To Assist You With Dissertation Writing?

Let us face the truth and acknowledge the fact that there is always a possibility that you cannot find the necessary time to write your dissertation. You might work a lot in order to pay bills or you might have small children that you have to take care of. There are different companies out there that can help you to write the dissertation and this option is one that is quite often considered by aspiring scholars.

The problem is that there are so many companies out there that offer such services. How can you be sure that you choose the correct one? While there is never a certainty that you will choose the very best writing assistance service, you can think about the following facts so that you can make a good choice.

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Writing Assistance Company Experience

This is definitely the most important factor that has to be taken into account when you need assistance with writing your dissertation. Never choose a firm that only now appeared on the market because there is basically no way to be sure that the experience of the company is suitable based on what your needs are at the moment.

While you will never actually know if the best industry writers will work on your project since that would mean working with all to realize which is the best, you will have a much better chance of working with someone that is very good at what he/she does when the firm has been around for a long time. This is because a service provider will constantly work hard on getting the best writers.

Customer Support

This is a lot more important than what many believe. A dissertation needs to be as connected with the person that will hand it as possible. When we have a different writer taking care of the dissertation writing, it is important to have a good line of communication set up between the client and that person. This basically means that you need to be sure that you will be able to contact the writer directly. When you have such an option, it is a guarantee that the dissertation will come out exactly as you want it to.

Writers Need To Be Experts!

Before you even consider hiring a writing company, it is important that you learn all that you can about the writers. It is a good idea to work with a contractor with a team that is specialized in many different subjects. We say this because there is a need to have specialization when you write a dissertation. Try to find those expert writers that have at least a Masters degree or a PHD. That is something that automatically increases quality. It is quite obvious that you do not want someone to help you if that person did not write a successful dissertation for him/her.

Have patience and always consider just those writing contractors that are experienced enough to bring in suitable quality for you. By taking into account the facts mentioned above you drastically increase the chances of finding really great opportunities.

7 Helpful Writing Tips

Whether you are a student or a professional journalist or a newcomer to the freelance, you feel like writing perfect, compelling and stunning texts. How can you achieve such a result? The answer is simple and dismaying at the same time – you must practice a lot. ‘Practice makes perfect’. Yes, we all know this old saying. But practice takes too much time.

But don’t feel bad. There is another way to improve your writing fast, in a good and workmanlike manner. Hereinafter you can find 7 best hints on composing quality articles and posts.

Keep it concrete and clear
This is an open secret. Human brain can work effectively if it accepts concrete and easy-to-read information. Don’t try to impress your reader or hold his interest with long and complex sentences. Imagine that you are talking to your friend and you don’t need to waste words to explain what you mean. Be lean and clear.

Make your line length short
If you want your readers to absorb information you wrote and understand the main idea, go for short. That means you must use a lot of paragraph breaks and write short sentences. You can compose approximately 45 characters per line and that will be OK.

Three is the most compelling number
The scientists have discovered that one person can process about 7 bits of information at a time. But number 3 is the best one you can use. In some way it is magical and optimized number as it is easier to recall tripartite information. You can emphasize 3 main ideas that can be achieved in 3 steps with the help of 3 strategies.

Set a tone
A writer knows his\her emotions, state of mind or intent at the he\she writes. But reader can’t pick up on mood and tone from writing, he can only guess at the tone. Make him guess right.

3 main things about people
According to Susan Weinschenk people’s brains always interested in 3 main things and ask three main questions (this magical number 3, again):

‘’Can I eat it? Will it kill me? Can I have sex with it?’’

Take advantage of these things and make readers pay more attention to your texts. For instance, you can add stories, pictures that touch on aspects of food, danger or sex. Remember that it must look naturally and facile.

Surely, if you’re a student, in most cases you cannot speak about examples food, sex, or danger. In such a circumstance read this useful post about courseworks should help. You will find a lot of useful material there.

Say ‘No’ to long paragraphs
If you want people to read your texts easy and remember messages, avoid long sentences (as you’ve read hereinbefore). Keep in mind, that huge paragraphs with complex sentences and high browed words make people feel bored. Write subheads, emphasize your bullet points and keep it short. Remember that brevity is the soul of wit.

Topic is the king
Whatever happens, don’t stray too far from the main idea of your article. You can add a lot points to your text and that will only confuse readers. If you have too many ideas you want to share, make them topics of your next pieces of writing.

Choose the main idea of your post and add a few (3 is the best number) sub-points to support it. The sentences must be supportive, relevant and on tie back to the topic.

These are very simple and key hints that can help you to become a better writer immediately. You know, they say ‘Opinions differ’. Maybe, you have your own techniques to improve writing and want to share this information? Share it with us.